The Domestic Garment Manufacturers Association (DGMA) which was founded by Late Deshamanya A Y S Gnanam, has been rebranded as Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association (SLABA) with the vision to provide a perfect platform for all Sri Lanka Apparel and Apparel Accessory manufacturers to join forces to achieve common objectives. The association is committed to help its members in knowledge sharing; continuous growth and development which will help them succeed locally and globally.   As a rejuvenated association SLABA boasts of some of the top apparel brands in Sri Lanka. This post gives a sneak peek at a few of the members.


Arugam Bay produces beachwear, swimwear, resort wear, footwear, and accessories for men, women and kids. Its inspiration comes from the magical east coast of Sri Lanka. The bright colour scheme has spread through the product line for both men and women. The brand’s premise is that style standards should not slip just because you are on holiday has stirred a beach fashion culture among middle and upper class Sri Lankans.


Bernard Philknit is a company with more than 65 years of experience in the Sri Lankan apparel market. Custom made t-shirts are their main product line, and they specialise in manufacturing t-shirts for all purposes and occasions, and anything and everything related to apparel that you need custom- made.


Manufactured and marketed by Tip Top Wear, the Comfy brand consists of vests, underwear, t-shirts, gym wear and sarongs, produced under a rigorous quality control system which covers the whole breadth from procurement to packaging and finally, delivery. The island wide distribution network established by Comfy ensures that the products are available at all large retailers in the country.


DG was established in 1999, and currently has more than 500 employees. DG’s factory is equipped with a state of the art production facility. DG has made their presence felt globally as well, and is ever innovating to stay at the top of their game.


Dmaxx serves all segments, kids, ladies, men, and the full spectrum of offering, be it formal, casual or sportswear. With more than 36 clients around the island their products are available in all big retailers, and are well known for their quality.


Ekko is positioned as a premium quality product at an affordable price, and this was only possible through the untiring work of the company management which consists of decades of experience. The management consists of people who have extensive knowledge in the fashion and garment industry. EKKO is now a growing and dynamic business which prides itself on the spirit and professionalism of its employees worldwide, as well the superior quality of its product.


LiCC (“Long Island Clothing Company”) Jeans is the proud product of Hirdaramani Group who has been in the apparel business for more than 120 years. LiCC has become a popular option for jeans among Sri Lankans. LiCC Jeans strives to become a global jeans brand expanding its horizons with the passion to be a brand that builds collections that involves a positive and vibrant lifestyle.


Rainco is the market leader in umbrellas, raincoats, and mosquito nets. Being a company that is very passionate about their business, Rainco has mixed the right amount of innovation in providing Sri Lankan consumers with high quality products to meet their needs.


Sarasavi was established in 1991, and is well known for the socks and tights manufactured by them. Their socks and tights have been certified with ‘Oekotex’ and ‘GWG’ standards.


Trendy Connections (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1992 with the goal to produce T-shirts for the Sri Lankan market. They are currently ranked number one in the knitted apparel manufacturing sector and also enjoy 25% market share. Presently they cater to a wide distribution network of over 600 island wide outlets. Through their strict compliances with international standards of apparel manufacturing, utilisation of latest technology and technical capability they have been able to secure and cater to the European and United States markets.


Velona are the pioneers in both the knitted and woven garments industry in the local economy, which has heightened their values merged with the wealth of experience gathered throughout the seven decades of dominating presence in the business. Their brand portfolio includes Top Gear, Arista, Velona, Tuff and Tumbles, Angel Lace, Pink and Pink, Super knit, Body Fit and Cuddles, and also provide services to international brands such as Next to Nature, Anakku, Extreme kids and Mall Kids. They hold one of the most extensive distribution networks in the island and exceed 4,000 Retail outlets up to date.


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