made_in_sri_lanka_t_shirts-r5fe50c89be5c4e708c100a3ce5e355d4_8nhma_512Wear the ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ label with pride, knowing the garments were produced free of child labour, free of forced labour and free of discrimination, sweat shops and environmental pollution.

Safeguarding worker ethics are the core objective of the Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association (SLABA), maintaining credence that the path to improved standards of living is by understanding personal and professional needs of workers both at home and work. This belief has given way to local apparel manufacturers initiating several people friendly projects in many communities.

Amongst Sri Lanka Apparel Industry’s principles is the strict ‘no child labour’ policy while the upliftment and empowerment of oppressed rural women is a welcome change amongst the masses, improving family life by enabling women to become core earners in a step towards the alleviation of poverty, in fact Sri Lanka Apparel is home to a happier half million strong work force.

Educating the public on environmental conservation with the implementation of green factories has proved to be very successful, earning smiles and applause from the international community who have no qualms in wearing garments manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a forerunner amongst Asia’s outsourced garment producers in terms of ethical standards, having signed up with 27 of the International Labour Organisations (ILO) and the implementation of strict labour laws in the work place demanding healthy and safe working conditions, controlled hours of working and contributions to social and security funds of employees.

Recognising this prodigious effort Sri Lanka is the only Asian country to be awarded concessions such as duty free imports for specific criteria by the European Union under the GSP+ scheme for good conduct.

Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association (SLABA) which re-launched recently has a very clear vision in terms of co-joining Sri Lanka apparel manufacturers and apparel accessory manufactures to work towards the common goal of continued development and promotion of local designer brands within local and international markets while meeting growing demands and breaking into new mass markets are clear objectives which will definitely take the ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ label to new heights.

Branded local apparels under SLABA members consist of casual wear, fashion wear, lingerie, uniforms – work wear and the tailoring of formal wear as well as common clothing such as socks, headwear and bags.

A deep commitment to ethical standards and sustained growth amongst new challenges and innovations are aspects of Sri Lanka Apparel Industry’s vision and mission which will see the industry boom by the year 2020.

With new blood taking over the reins and a dedicated 60 plus strong membership committee, Sri Lanka Apparel will soon be a top contender in the global apparel market with the ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ label proudly standing out for the associations commitment to ethical principles and stringent quality standards.


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