About Us




Rebranded and Incorporated as the “Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association (SLABA)”, the foundations of this association lay in the Domestic Garment Manufacturers Association (DGMA) founded by the Late Deshamanya A Y S Gnanam.

The DGMA rendered a great service to the domestic garment manufacturers and played a pivotal role in protecting this industry, which has proved to be the economic lifeblood of the country.  However time is at hand to aspire to greater heights as the proverbial saying goes “ some good things fall apart, so that better things can fall together!”

SLABA has been incorporated with the vision to provide a perfect platform for all Sri Lanka Apparel and Apparel Accessory manufacturers to join forces to achieve common objectives. SLABA is also responsible for helping its esteemed members with their IT, Secretarial and other General needs. We are deeply committed to the continuous development and growth of HOME GROWN apparel brands for its success both domestically and internationally. We endeavour to provide a suitable environment and a level playing field for all our members with a deep commitment to ethical considerations and sustainable challenges.

As a rejuvenated association with over 60 committed members we are confident that this is the inaugural stride in the direction towards placing Sri Lanka on the Map for World Class Apparel Brands.