About Sri Lanka


lankaThe tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, has captivated travellers from around the world for hundreds of years. Located in the Indian Ocean off the Southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is
an island covering a land area of just 65,610 square kilometers. From white sandy beaches to the scenic hill country, wildlife sanctuaries and the historic sites of the cultural triangle, Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of attractions and experiences that can seldom be matched byother similar destinations. What’s even more alluring about Sri Lanka is its ever-smiling and extremely hospitable people – the very reason why it’s called the ‘Land of Smiles’. Indeed, Sri Lanka is a ‘Land Like No Other’.

Quality Garments

In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Sri Lanka is also a hub for the international garment/apparel industry. The garment industry is indeed one of the biggest industries in Sri Lanka and a vital cog in the country’s socio-economic growth. The industry currently employs around 15% of Sri Lanka’s total workforce and accounts for nearly half of the country’s total exports. In fact relative to its population, Sri Lanka is one of the top apparel producing countries in the world. The apparels produced in Sri Lanka are of the highest quality, fashionable and manufactured through a 100% ethical process.

The USA is the main imported of garments and accessories from Sri Lanka accounting to nearly 80% of the total exports. In fact Sri Lanka supplies garments to many of the world’s largest and most valued brand names in the industry. This in itself is a testament to the high quality standards of Sri Lankan apparels.